Pageant Rules

  1. Contestants must be exact age of the category on the day of entry.
  2. Contestant must be a citizen of the state or country in which they are representing.
  3. Pictures and information furnished to Miss E becomes the property of this website. No pictures or information will be returned.
  4. All fees must be paid before contestant will be entered into contest.
  5. All judging results are final at the time of judgment. No exceptions.
  6. All entries and contestants to Miss e agree that Miss E will be their agent in the event they (the entries or contestants) are noticed and picked or hired by any advertising, modeling, clothing, or any other company as a result of exposure or effort of Miss E
  7. Contestants under the age of 18 have to have the consent of a parent or legal guardian in order to enter any Miss E pageants.
  8. Any nude or obscene pictures will not be tolerated or accepted.
  9. All prizes will be paid in a reasonable time frame.
  10. All scholarships will be put in a trust until winning contestant enters the college of their choice. The recipient must enter college within one year of graduating high school or equivalent. Winners already enrolled in college will receive their scholarship in reasonable time.
  11. Any contestant or parent/guardian who furnishes Miss E false information will be disqualified and the next contestant in line will take her place.
  12. All winners of the various contest of this website will be willing to advance to the next level of competition if there are any.
  13. Prizes, crowns, trophies, and scholarship values will be determined according to the number of contestant entries to each category.
  14. All travel and accommodations prizes will be determined by Miss E
  15. Any anger, profanity, unseemly language, or anything else that might cause ill controversy that is directed towards the directors, producer, owners or anyone else involved with the production of or who is employed by Miss E will be grounds for disqualification and ejection from any contest category at present or future contest. This rule is without exception and is at the discretion of Miss E
  16. Entry fee, registration fees and sponsor fees are nonrefundable. Fees cannot be carried over from one year to another year. Sponsors contributing $300.00 or more may be placed on Miss E Pageant .com’s ad page.
  17. Representing: Pageant winners cannot use their title , picture with Miss E Pageant crown or banner in newspaper, on flyers, or printed in any literature, cards or ads, or used in any type of business or company promotion without written permission from Miss E
  18. All pageant winners will conduct herself with dignity and professional courtesy while representing her title with Miss E
  19. All contestants must be born a female.
  20. All contestants will be judged by professional pageant judges.
  21. The day that a contestant becomes a winner they will be required to sign a contract with Miss E Winners may have to make as many as 10 appearances during her reign. Appearances may include TV Broadcast or interviews, radio, public appearances, and interviews with promotion companies, fashion and or modeling companies.
  22. Miss E nor it’s owners, affiliates, associates, sponsors advertisers or promoters are liable for any damage, fraud, negligence by any third party.
  23. Age divisions for Miss E pageants are 0 to 1 yr., 1 yr., 2 yr., 3-4 yr., 5-6 yr., 7-8 yr., 9-10 yr., 11-12 yr., 13-17 yr., 18-19 yr.,20 -25 yr, 25 yr. and up. Ages 0-17 will be considered the children divisions. Ages 18 and up will be ladies divisions. Mrs. Miss E divisions are 16-24 yr., 25-30 yr., 30 and up.
  24. Photos must be in color.
  25. Competition will be judged on facial, dress, hairstyle, overall appearance, and contestants answers to questions asked by Missepageant .
  26. All representatives or winners of any Miss E pageant, who are under the age of 18 yrs., must be escorted by a parent or legal guardian to any pageant related promotion or event.
  27. When a contestant places 1st,2nd,3rd, in a contest she cannot participate in another contest for 60 days.
  28. Parents or Guardians: Please be careful about the pictures, answers to questions ask by missepageant about your child and videos that you place on missepageant website of your child. Examples: child must be appropriate clothes, no sexy suggestive poises, not too much make up ( we suggest no make up for babies.)
  29. Do not post any illegal content on missepageant website.
  30. No one using missepageant website is allowed to use vote exchange website or proxy server.
  31. All participants of missepageant are required to complete the registration form before applying to be a contestant, judge, or viewer.
  32. Any type or form of cheating by any contestant, panel judge, online judge, or any other participating person or entity of missepageant is prohibited will not be allowed.
  33. Missepageant views any type of vote spamming to a form of cheating.
  34. Any judge is allowed only one judge account per contestant, division, or category for the purpose of voting for a contestant of their choice.
  35. Any form of cheating by a contestant or judge will be grounds for disqualification of a contestant or the judge in question.


Any information provided within the Web site of Miss E Pageant is for recreation purpose only.

Any statement design, picture, results of contest, or any other part of the design or use of this web page is made with understanding that no discrimination is intended.

All entries and pictures sent to Miss E Pageant become the property of Miss E Pageant and can be used by Miss E Pageant for any purpose that will promote, advance, advertise, Miss E Pageant.

As a participant of any kind or type in missepageant you agree to hold missepageant its owner and its affiliates harmless  from any and all possible damages including but not limited to property loss or damage as a result of any type of hardware, software, online failures, or any other technical malfunction or disturbance of the internet. You agree that missepageant will not be held liable for any possible damages, losses. Personal injuries of any kind, any actions,and rights of any kind, or any other liability that may arise directly or indirectly from you participating in any contest or event of missepageant.

Missepageant and this website claim no warranties of any kind, express or implied to the operation of this website.